Dr. Eric Mizrahi - Los Angeles
"I don't think that it would be at all an understatement if I were to say that my two Terry's Kids trips to Cuba redefined my life. Maybe it was the timing, maybe it was the people that have become lifetime friends, or the essence of Cuba that transcends politics, or even the magic of enjoying knowing that our little contributions to Terry's Kids might change their lives forever much like theirs have touched mine; it might even be that Terry and Leslie and the rest of their staff organize a flawless journey that allows you to lose yourself in the experience, whatever it was, I am a changed man and will never be able to express sufficient gratitude to Terry and Leslie for my transformation."

"I think traveling is supposed to open your mind, heart and soul. Without a doubt Trips with Terry Miller will definitely do that. Terry and Leslie, thank you for enriching my life more than I could have ever imagined. God bless you!!!"



J. P. - Marin County California
"Our mutual love for music and art was so strong it made for a perfect trip. Abel (our guide) asked at the beginning of the trip something like, "Why do you want to visit Cuba" I said for creative inspiration. Well, I achieved that and so much more . . . a standing ovation to Terry and Leslie for an unbelievable adventure."

Brett & Elizabeth May - Palo Alto California
"Terry's Kids gave us the chance to make a real, noticeable difference in dozens of children's lives, while having an absolutely amazing and unique cultural experience. Terry's Kids program is perfectly organized to get you to the country's best paladars, which are on nobody's radar, the most notable artists, whose works are rarely viewable in the US, and to keep you educated about which vendors will give you a fair deal. Best of all, Terry is uniquely connected to the country's very best musicians. You are guaranteed to hear (and even jam with, if you like) the very best musicians in Cuba, every day."

Bobby Dorward - Marin County California
"This trip changed my life, quite literally, and for good."

John Bohn, San Francisco California
"This is a trip with a purpose."

J. Pitelli - Marin County California
"I wish I could go again. One of the best adventures I have had."

Barbara and Michael McKernan - Seattle Washington
"We had a wonderful time in Havana with the Terry's Kids Cuba group. It was the perfect way to see all the wonderful things Cuba has to offer. Terry's attention to all the many details that were involved in making that trip so special is amazing. We absolutely loved seeing the many children performing in their various venues. The many wonderful people that we traveled with would not have happened if it had not been for Terry. We encourage anyone to do a "Terry's Kids trip." You will not be disappointed. Thanks to all of you for a memorable experience."

Clave' de Sol
"Dear Terry's Kids,

What a joy for all the children of Vocal Clave de Sol!

Thanks to our friends Terry and Julio and Brian and Leslie as each of the members of the Orchestra of Vocal Clave de Sol will receive in their name strings for their guitars.

My friends you give to this group in the week strings, and have arrived in an excellent moment because in the stores there is not and the boys were having difficulty to play with their guitars, but fortunately already are with us, thank you.

Hopefully someday we can get to know your schools in California, dreaming costs nothing, right.

Well we reiterate our gratitude and that we will be eternally grateful to be so special with us and help us our orchestras children.

Receive a strong hug from the entire family of Vocal Clave de Sol,

Nuria and Yamilé"

Clave' de Sol
"Dear Terry Miller,

All the members of the orchestra those beautiful afternoons we were very happy and happy for their performance as well as Terry's Kids kindness to have touched for us and to dedicate all the times we share together. The virtuosity of his colleague Brian and Julio on the guitar and what to say about Terry skills on bass. We are very happy to know that you will be back and like to spend time where you could teach our children and teachers the rhythms or methods of studying the music of your country and share it and learn them together again.

We are very grateful for the many drum, many guitars of a spectacular sound that we had never had and that we will take great care to play in the children's concerts and practice, and of course the many bass guitars with its amplifiers that we needed so much, having audio helps us a little to improve the sound of our grouping. The children were very happy also to receive from our hands and on behalf of Terry's Kids group new strings and the tuners.

Buckets of hugs from the entire family of Vocal Clave de Sol,

Nuria y Yamilé"

Tin Cremata and the little beehive
"Dear Terry's Kids and Guest Friends,

I am sorry for the delay, but because of the hurricane we did not have internet.

Thank You again for visiting us in Cuba in May and for all the wonderful gifts!

We really needed help this time, Clothing needs - Fantastic!!, the clothing, buttons, needles, cloth for the children, we really have to thank you for the excellent quality, on behalf of all the kids, who very happy received it!!!The musical Instruments are the BEST!!! We are already playing them and we are so happy for the way they sound! It's MAGNIFICENT!

Yessssssssssssssssss, we want to be in your website and Thanks for allowing us to work with your Foundation for Children in the nearest possible future.

My Daughter and vice-director of La Colmenita will get in touch with my brother and you for our current and future cooperation.

Thanks again everyone for being SO GENEROUS!!!

Hugs full of Honey!!!"

Tim Cremata and La Colmenita
"Dear Terry and your amazing guest friends!!!,

As always, for us it is going to be an enormous Pleasure to have with us Terry Miller accompanied by the amazing guitar player Brian Nova in Cuba.

Yes, Terry, THANK YOU!!!, as we were in desperate need of the trumpets and flutes you bring with you. The trumpets will be given to our little Melanie, who is the best trumpet player in our children's musical group, and the flutes will be given as a birthday present to Lilly (our most experienced flute player) who just turned 15 years old yesterday!. And the other flute for the little Amanda Casas, who has been the best student to Lilly!

We will also be very happy to receive the three guitars and the many drums.

We wish to give a special show again for you guys!, ANYTIME, ANYTIME, ANYTIME!!!

Please tell us what day would be most convenient for you?

We are anxiously waiting your arrival!!!

Thanks again for all your generosity and willingness to help our Cuban kids and our community!

With all the Love and Honey that our little bees have to give,

See you soon Terry!!!"

"Hello, bass teacher and my great friend, how are you, how is work going on, everything is the same here, I'm very grateful to you that you can help me in music, I hope it's soon because we really want to share and play with you because we had the very best time, good friend, I say goodbye to a hug and greetings to your Terry's Kids family, see you soon."